Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Permitted Development Rights – You may already have Planning Permission!

In the UK, you can make certain types of minor changes to your house without needing to apply for planning permission. These are called "permitted development rights". They derive from a general planning permission granted not by the local authority but by Parliament. These rules governing the size of any additions you can make to your property without going through Planning Process were modified significantly in 2008 making generating the additional space you desire far simpler.


• Permitted Development Rights are not subjective.
• You either have them or you don't.
• You can either add space or you can't
• Neighbours do not have the right to object
• Planners cannot influence your project

With a little bit of expert advice you may discover that you already have the ability to move forward with that Loft Conversion, Garden Office or Extension project without enduring the cost, time and hassle of going through the full Householder Planning Process. Many projects qualify for such permitted development rights, enabling the homeowner to avoid the conventional planning procedures. They are completely legal; do not require any consultation with your neighbours or local planners. However you must obtain a Certificate of Lawful Development by the Council.
Are there any Restrictions to Permitted Development?
In certain cases there are restrictions on properties Permitted Development Rights, for example with listed properties or homes situated within Designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. If you are a homeowner in the Southeast of England and are considering a home project please contact us for a no obligation consultation. We can explore your Permitted Development Rights, and of course, if planning permission is needed, we are experts at getting it for you. Leave all the paperwork to us and we will do our utmost to get you permission as swiftly as possible. . 
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